Balvikas Gopal Funskool

We would like to welcome all kids to discover a world of interactive fun and learning.

Our classes are integrated, interactive, and have a holistic learning environment and they focus on the intellectual, social and spiritual development of children.

They are built around the notion that knowledge when imparted to kids has to be filled with entertainment, as this enhances the understanding and retaining levels in children.

Here, we have fun, and only fun. Here, we play games, listen to some lovely stories, colour pages, sing rhymes, learn everything about Krishna and gain knowledge about all those amazing things that go on around us… and much much more.

Just get aboard and have a great time!

When: Sundays from 1.15 pm to 2.15 pm
Where: ISKCON Temple, 105 Newlands Road, Newlands, Welligntion
How: Talk to Avani Anand on 02102531514
Email: or